Frederic Boissonnas’ 1913 Epirus

Frederic Boissonnas' 1913 Epirus

Fred Boissonnas is the first foreign photographer to have toured so much in the Greek world since 1903 and for about three decades later. He traveled from Peloponnesus to Crete and Olympus and from Ithaca to Mount Athos.

I found his work, pioneering but also decisive for the evolution of Greek photography in the 20th century. Through his photographs and albums, he presents a panorama of Greece during the interwar period, contributing to the formation of European public opinion for Greece during the same period.

In 1913 he visited Greece and traveled to Epirus to as many places as possible. From this visit in Epirus, his album “L ‘Épire berceau des Grècs” (Epirus, the cradle of Greece) was included in the series “L’ image de la Grècs“.

I truly loved the feeling of this book which I manage to find a rare copy in excellent condition. The following photos are part of this album.

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