1st place at 2019 National EISA MAESTRO photography Contest

1st place at 2019 National EISA MAESTRO photography Contest

An amazing photographic year seems to continue here. I just have been informed that I won the 2019 National EISA MAESTRO photography Contest. This years theme was “Power”.  Swipe to see my contest images and read my short description below.

Road, /rəʊd/, noun. A wide way leading from one place to another, especially one with a specially prepared surface which vehicles can use.

Roads are the arteries through which the human activity pulses since ancient times. By linking producers to markets, workers to jobs, students to school, and the sick to hospitals, roads are a vital power to any development agenda. Since 2002, the World Bank has constructed or rehabilitated more than 260,000 km of roads. It lends more for roads than for education, health, and social services combined.

However, while the power of the road facilitates economic and social benefits, it can also induce side effects such as pollution and deforestation.  For example, the Amazon rainforest is crisscrossed by almost 100,000 km of roads – enough to circle the Earth two and a half times. And the transport sector accounts for about 23 per cent of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions and a significant share of local particle pollution.

Such tradeoffs need to be weighed when planning any intervention to the natural environment as power always needs to be bolstered by consideration and responsibility.

In the latest issue (#216) of @PhotoNETmagazine you can read more about the contest and the finalist.
Available to the newsstands from Monday 05/08/2019

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