Photography, for me, is inseparably linked to travel and exploration.
In a deeper interpretation, it is the medium I use to show others how I experience the
beauty of this world. I really enjoy looking for and creating memorable pictures.

It feels good. It feels right!


Hello, I'm Philip

I’m Philip Gavrilos and I have been photographing for almost two decades now, specializing in Travel, Landscape and Astro Photography. I studied History of Art at FIT of Cyprus and I have specialized in Photography & Graphics design. I like to travel a lot and I’m a fanatic user or mirrorless cameras and drones. Since 2015 I am a contributing photographer & author at PhotoNET Magazine EISA. At 2019 I won the National EISA MAESTRO Photography Contest


Here I present a small collection, a tiny but a representative number of my photography work that I have published from time to time. Enjoy!

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